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About James

As a young boy, I loved to read, my favourite books when I was young, just like now, were horror books. I am pretty sure that by the end my first year in secondary school I had read almost all of the 150+ Goosebumps books available and had found a trilogy that I particularly enjoyed, 'Scared to Death' by Ted Pickford, an author that made me want to write my own stories, which I did and shared with my friends who seemed to enjoy them. 

By the time I was finishing secondary school, I had read some incredible books by authors like James Herbert, Dean Koontz, Brian Lumley and of course my own personal favourite Stephen King, that was it, I was hooked.

Fast forward 15 or so years, now I have had a few decent jobs, 3 amazing children and I think I want to write my book, I've considered it many times over the years but never had the time or maybe it was really the courage actually to see if I could do it but with the support and encouragement of my family and in particular my incredible partner Jessica I have managed to write a novel, hopefully, the first of many, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

- James Evelyn

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Upcoming Works

Judicium: Descent of the Archangels

The sequel to Judicium: Rise of the Soulless continues the story of the survivors and there almost impossible task of preventing the extinction of the entire human race.