Judicium: Rise of the Soulless

Ryan Easton stood on the roof of the old school where they had been fighting to survive. He staggered to the edge and dropped to his knees, he stared through stinging eyes at the world around him as it burned, houses, shops, the historic church in the distance, even the trees and grass, everything was on fire as if the whole world had been covered with gasoline and set alight, the night glowed a filthy red in the darkness, no one was left alive, not a single soul, there was simply no life left at all, the only movement or sound was from the inferno as it scorched away all traces of the life that once thrived here…

“What is this, is this real?” Ryan shouted

“No” the large beast replied

“This is what happens if you fail to survive!”

An apocalyptic horror novel.

Judicium: Rise of the Soulless Cover